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    01-14-2022 AMA Session

    Posted by Carla on January 14, 2022 at 4:31 pm

    —- Time Notes —–

    00:03:25 – Value Proposition Course information

    00:04:20 – C: Wants to turn 17 year old startup into full-time self employment

    00:06:00 – J: Understand the problem you solve for your client.

    00:09:35 – C: Has sent two versions of the Jobs to be done framework

    00:15:30 – C: Explains process for introducing clients to his solution.

    00:16:00 – J: Updated Jobs to be Done based off conversation

    00:22:10 – An example of a niche with accountants.

    00:27:30 – The importance of sharing your value proposition to groups

    00:29:45 – ⁇ Q: I have been stuck with Company A I have been considering selling or bringing on an investor to help me and I wonder how to proceed forward to see what would be best for me. It’s hard for me to focus on two businesses and I wonder if I should move forward to sell so I can spend more time on Company B.

    00:31:00 – Q: Explanation of Company A (manufacturing, digital marketing, etc).

    00:32:30 – A: Running two businesses is a pain in the neck and is really difficult.

    00:34:00 – A: Potential is to hire yourself out, putting yourself in the mind of an Investor as opposed to a Biz Owner

    00:35:00 – A: VA Possibility for Company A

    00:37:00 – Q: Explanation of Company B

    00:42:30 – A: There are two routes to take, either sell the business if you aren’t passionate about it or become an investor if you think you can grow it.

    00:55:30 – Realisation: It’s so much easier writing to a single person than to everyone.

    01:01:25 – Q: Christian asks Jessie about the big revenue hit about the sale. if you sell the company that will generate tax liability?

    01:02:00 – A: Capital gain answers from Jessie.

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