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    01-21-2022 AMA

    Posted by Carla on January 21, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    —- Time Notes —–

    [10:22] Brochure feedback

    [15:00] Joe Feedback: Talk about the problems that I’m having as a buyer.

    Don’t talk about yourself until the client agrees with the solution.

    [17:40] Carla Feedback: On printing white text on dark background.

    [23:15] Melissa introduces herself and MaxCo Contracting

    [24:36] Melissa feedback on the brochure, wanting more images.

    [28:40] 🙋‍♀️ Melissa Question: What is the best way to confront someone without affecting the client. Context starts at 25:00.

    [29:00] Joe’s Answer: figure out if you are ‘done’ or if you are wanting to continue the relationship.

    [30:15] Jeff’s Answer: Assume ignorance, not malicious intent.

    What should Melissa do? Should she confront the other vendor?

    [32:50] Joe’s Answer: The client has made a decision and it’s not Melissa’s problem to solve.

    [33:45] Joe’s Answer: Don’t refer the person again.

    [35:40] Joe shares a story about how someone in his ecosystem tried to poach a client.

    [35:20] Takeaway from the story, if you plan to confront someone, don’t immediately take out the ‘baseball bat’. Go to it with a curious intent, not an angry or malicious one. There could be a misunderstanding. Which cleared up the situation for the client and the vendor.

    [39:30] Joe Advice: Remember that you are there for the client, I’m not for the vendor.

    [41:00] Joe: Be the confident expert that you are. You know your stuff. There’s no challenge.

    [42:30] Joe explains Office Hours

    [45:00] 🙋‍♀️ Melissa Question: Got two incredible opportunities for Company B. Stuff she’s been working on for years. Not sure if she wants to pursue Company A if the road is going to continue changing.

    [46:20] Joe Answer: Find out how you really want to divide your time. If you want to focus on Company B, then you need to hire yourself out of Company A and it can’t be someone virtual.

    [47:30] Jeff’s Answer: You need to pick two of the three: Company A, Company B, and your Health. You can’t pick all three and one of the two must be Health.

    [53:00] Stephen’s comments on the 1st question. Nuclear should only be the last resort, but to properly represent your brand. Let the vendor dig their own grave.

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