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  • 02-11-2022 AMA

    Posted by Carla on February 14, 2022 at 9:53 am


    00:05 ❓ I have an opportunity to support an ancient PBX Role System for a very high profile account – this is not what we do – but there is a potential for an upgrade

    00:06 Joe: Answers the question. Create a 3-month transition plan

    00:08 Jeff: Shares his opinion about how Robert can price the potential upgrade.

    The worst thing is that when you have work and you are making money, but you are unhappy.

    00:15 ❓ Reviewing Coaching Customer Avatar

    00:28❓ Reviewing Before and After for Coaching Customer Avatar

    00:33 Jeff shares the boat story. What’s driving the boat? Most people look back at the wake, or they get lost in what’s the potential on the horizon. However, what’s critical to focus on is the motor/paddle whatever is moving the boat forward.

    00:39❓ I would hear your thoughts about different ways or methods to get new leads and bring them into your marketing funnel, besides ads

    00:42❓ Any ad campaign usually requires a serious amount of $$$ into it, it doesn’t work.

    00:43 Joe: The dilemma with the ads is that the customer journey needs to be clean. The ad needs to go to a specific landing page, which needs to lead them to a great offer.

    00:45 If the sales conversation is not right in all stages of the conversation, then ads may not work.

    00:50 Joe shares a message he got on LinkedIn and how he turned it around

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