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  • 02-18-2022 AMA

    Posted by Carla on February 18, 2022 at 2:42 pm

    00:01 – Alignable conversation with Stephen and Carla.

    00:02 – SS❓: Can you go over the main points for the sales conversation?

    00:03 – Joe: Answers it and reviews the sales conversation.

    00:05 – Mock conversation between Joe and Stephen

    00:19 – CG❓: The need to get a big picture.

    00:19- Joe: What is your avatar?

    00:22 – Joe: Value Proposition needs to be clear.

    00:27 – Robert: People keep asking us for IT services and that’s not what we do.

    00:28 – Joe: You may want to reevaluate where your company is going, or you may want to look for a solid IT partner to who you could refer business.

    00:33 – Joe: FieldNation explanation and his suggestion for what kinds of people to hire. This allows Robert to have boots on the ground anywhere in the 50 states.

    00:34 – DD❓: I’ve been having an issue with sending out quotes. They are now doing more pitches. But people still want her to send them a quote.

    00:35 – Joe: If you talk about ballpark pricing and they don’t leave screaming, then it’s a good sign that you can send a proposal. But having an actual call is best.

    00:37 – Joe: You need to be confident about your stuff. You also need to book your next call on the call (not after via email).

    00:39 – Joe: Shares his story about his exploration process and sales call.

    00:41 – Joe: If your program is clearly defined, then you’ll always know what range your price is going to be.

    00:43 – DD❓: Team is working on doing research on potential avatars.

    00:47 – Joe: You only market to 1 avatar, for 12-16 months you focus solely on that avatar. The more focused you are, the more money you’ll make the fastest.

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