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  • 03-18-2022 AMA

    Posted by Carla on March 21, 2022 at 2:51 pm


    1:04 Jeff, not that you are passive in your office, but that you agree on what the solution is without it being about you (your business, your services, etc).

    1:05 Cold vs Warm, they are a cold contact, so I need to interview the hell out of them to see what their problem is. If they are a cold contact, you should STILL be talking to your avatar. Which means you talk to them about their problems, you don’t ask them what their problems are.

    1:10 Joe: The whole point is to make your prospect to make one decision at a time, don’t bombard them with different things

    1:11 Jeff A good Segway to move from conversation to sales, “Would you like help with that?”

    1:13 Example with the Passive Voice

    1:17 Joe’s Advice I’m listening to the opportunity to have that sales conversation. You use scripts to practice and practice. But then when you pick up the phone, you have a conversation.

    1:30 Last rehearsal, but Jeff mentions how it’s important to spend time on the pain. Joe wants to do the problem of being hungry and solving it with a pizza.

    1:35 Working hard on woman’s event which is on Thursday. They haven’t been able to focus that much on regular outreach and promotions.

    1:38 You may need a better EPO

    1:45 Email process for people who you want to keep in touch with

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