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How to Create SOPs that don’t gather dust

Jeff Loehr September 12, 2022

A standard operating procedure (SOP) sounds like a bureaucratic burden. In fact, it is essential to growing your business.

A standard operating procedure (SOP) is the standard way that you complete a task. It is a series of steps that you follow every time you do something. By defining an SOP you take the guesswork out of delivery and create a process that you can measure, replicate and automate.

The SOP is the systematization of a process

An SOP is MORE than a process, it protects your brand and engages your people

If you don’t have a standard way of operating and you hire people to do work then they will spend all of their time doing work. They will become very busy, but they don’t necessarily deliver any useful work.

The SOP provides the instructions that people need to do their work. This means that they can operate in a way that is consistent with your brand. It also ensures that any dependencies are taken care of. If one process is highly dependent on another you can use SOP’s to ensure that the timing and quality of step one meet the needs of step two.

Dynamic SOP’s

It is a bit paradoxical to think that you should keep your SOP’s dynamic. But one feature of the SOP is that it helps you to measure your performance. That means that it should also give you clues to enhancing your performance.

So: your SOP’s must change and adjust over time. They get better and better and your organization, as a result, gets smarter and smarter.

The SOP Builder, how to create an SOP

Here is a short video on how to create your SOP: